Most people look back and remember their school holidays as some of the best times of their lives. Going on trips and days out, times with their friends and family, free of school work and responsibility, maybe attending a holiday camp or activities week! What isn’t to like? Unfortunately for many young people growing up in Bristol today, this is not their experience.


Underlying poverty and community issues have been exacerbated by the economic crisis and the change to Universal Credit.  This has left many families unable to afford access to these opportunities, and in many cases has even undermined their ability to access basic needs such as food and getting 3 meals a day. So, rather than looking forward to the school holidays they have become for many a stressful time, when families who already struggle find it even harder to provide for their children and young people.


Families experiencing financial pressures are not only at greater risk of food insecurity, family stress, isolation, and poor health during the holidays, but they also miss out on the so-called social “enrichment activities” such as trips, sporting, cultural and learning activities enjoyed by better-off children.

So, the problem is clear and easy to define, and luckily so is the solution, but we need your help to enable us to achieve it! When you sign up to the Better Bristol Lottery you will be helping us to alleviate food poverty for young people.  Together we’ll be able to help young people BREAK FREE from:

  • Being hungry during the school holidays or being unable to cover the costs of lunches during these times.
  • Having nothing to do during the holidays.
  • Having nowhere to go other than staying at home or out on the streets.
  • Having no-one to talk to.
  • Having to pay for high-quality services.
  • Screens and boredom.