The bicycle shop on wick road is no more. It is the bicycle shop on Sandy Park road, as we hear it from the proud owners, Andrew and his wife, Julianna. The shop started operations in 2014 and it got to the next level and the owners felt it is a lot better placed in the heart of Brislington, right next door to the very popular Deli.

They moved in last week and opened their doors on Thursday 21st May.

Andrew told is that all of their opening hours are updated on Google and they all operate on strict a one in one out basis unit the lockdown is relaxed.

The shop needed an update, needed a direction and the new premises were just perfect for their purposes. Industrial set up, just like a bicycle shop in the 80’s. They wanted to create a retro feel and give Sandy Park road the one thing it was missing for decades: their bike shop.

Briscycle ltd, Your local bike shop since 2014

Mike Davies
Author: Mike Davies