Cost-effective printing and distribution…

Direct Local are pleased to offer all advertisers and readers the very best high quality printed leaflets, posters and business cards. We also provide a leaflet distribution service enabling you to specifically target customers by area.

Design service

If you don’t already have artwork for your leaflet or flyer, or you want to improve what you do have then we can help. We provide a full design & artwork service helping you get your sales message out there in the best possible way.

High quality, well designed marketing material will clearly explain what it is you are selling, build credibility and give potential customers the confidence to buy from you.

Printing Services

Business Card printing

Full colour, printed on 300gsm card, printed one side only.

Single-sided Quantity Cost
250 £19.95
500 £24.95
1000 £29.95
2000 £39.95

A5 leaflet printing

Full colour, printed on 130gsm gloss paper, printed both sides.

Double-sided Quantity Cost
500 £69.00
1000 £79.00
2500 £89.00
5000 £139.00
10,000 £195.00

A4 Leaflet printing

Full colour on 130gsm gloss paper, printed on one or both sides.

Single-sided Double-sided Quantity Cost
500 £70.00
500 £89.00
1000 £90.00
1000 £119.00
2000 £120.00
2000 £139.00
5000 £165.00
5000 £184.00
10,000 £299.00
10,000 £319.00
In thickness, 130gsm gloss paper is similar to a takeaway menu.
For other sizes or quantities please contact us on 0117 325 8029 or email us at
Targeted leaflet distribution

Distribution Services

We offer a highly targeted leaflet distribution service enabling us to deliver your sales messages to specific areas with pin-point accuracy. Whether it’s 1,000 or 10,000 leaflets we can help!

Targeting particular areas with tailored messaging will make your advertising much more effective and increase sales.

We can provide the following:

  • Shared or Solus leaflet delivery
  • A reliable and trusted delivery team
  • Discounts on larger orders
  • Choice of specific target areas

We have a number of different packages and options available, please call 0117 325 8029 or email us at for further information.