A top tourist attraction is gearing up to welcome TV motoring maestro Tiff Needell who is filming for a new car show.

The former racing driver, who co-hosted Top Gear between 1987 and 2001, and was ever-present on Fifth Gear, will be visiting Weston-super-Mare’s Grand Pier this week.

For more than 18 months, Tiff has been working with Lovecars, an online community of people passionate about motoring, making high quality automotive content, reaching millions of people each month through its website, YouTube channel and social media pages.

The Lovecars team is now working on a new TV motoring programme and after paying a previous visit to the Pier with three Aston Martin’s for a YouTube video, thought the seafront landmark would make a suitably picturesque location to return to for the TV show.

Tiff and co-presenter Paul Woodman will be on the Pier on Thursday (September 19) afternoon.

Three cars which will have been put through their paces by the Lovecars team – a BMW Z4, Toyota’s latest Supra and a Morgan Plus Six X6 – will be driven along the boardwalk, parked outside the Pavilion and then the presenters will round off their piece sitting alongside the cars and talking about them.

Paul said: “We did a film which was published in June 2017 where we drove three V12 Aston Martin’s onto the Pier, and just thought it was a such a fantastic location.

“So when we started working on our new TV show, it was one of the first places on the location list to add, as the impact and grandeur of 3 cars driving along the Pier is something people just don’t expect to see.

“The Pier makes the perfect picturesque backdrop for the finale of our filming, and we’re really hoping that the weather is kind.

“We’re grateful to the Pier for allowing us to return again and it makes it double special as I grew up in the area and it’s always been such an iconic place to visit.

“There aren’t many people in the automotive world worthy of the title ‘legend’ but Tiff is certainly one of them. I’m looking forward to having an ice cream with him, and maybe even challenge him to some karting at the end of the Pier!”

Lucy Graham, Marketing Manager at the Grand Pier, said: “The Grand Pier has been used as a location for many different filming projects, and we were pleased to welcome back the Lovecars team.

“The film they produced after their last visit featured some fantastic aerial footage of our attraction, and hopefully having someone as well known as Tiff Needell here will help put us on the map and bring us to the attention of a whole new audience.”

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Mike Davies
Author: Mike Davies