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Red Bus Nursery & Pre-School Articles

Article 1 Shouting out to all Nursery Nurses, Childcare Practitioners, Early Years Educators and whatever else we get called! I’m writing to you because you are in demand and we really do need you in our two Red Bus nurseries based in Coombe Dingle (BS9), Downend (BS16). In 1998, I achieved my BTEC Level 3 in Childcare, left the industry in 2001 and didn’t think of returning. I’ve recently come back to childcare in a slightly different capacity. My job is now to find Nursery Nurses (sorry, we’re all still Nursery Nurses to me!) for the Bristol-based nursery I’m lucky enough to work for. On stumbling back into early years after fifteen years, I’m stunned that there is a worrying shortage of Nursery Nurses in the UK. Research has shown that Level 3 qualifications are still valid from 1947 – when the NNEB was created but there are fewer and fewer people entering into childcare. Unlike some other industries, we don’t have a national register, so we’re only guessing that there are thousands of people who have older, but still valid, childcare qualifications, along with our ‘new’ practitioners who have more recent qualifications. We know that people who work in our industry do so for the love of caring for others and this doesn’t often fade away. If you’re one of these dedicated and qualified childcare professionals and would like to consider working in one of Bristol’s biggest nurseries, then please get in touch by visiting our website: . Red Bus have a couple of relaxed and informal Careers Events organised for November and would love you to come along to chat with us and have a look at our Coombe Dingle nursery. Michelle, Recruitment and Media Specialist, Level 3 Childcare Practitioner and Working Mummy of Three Red Bus Nursery & Pre School 1

Article 2 Red Bus Nursery & Pre-School operates two of Bristol’s biggest nurseries; one based in Downend (BS16) the other in Coombe Dingle (BS9). Over these two fantastic settings, we employ around 150 dedicated staff who are all committed to providing outstanding care for 380 children. Our mission at Red Bus is to provide the best environment for children to thrive, flourish and be happy. This is also something we aim to do for our staff too and we do everything we can to help them achieve their dreams and follow their career path of choice. We don’t want to be a cliche, but we look at our people as a family and expect everyone to look out for each other and encourage openness and honesty. We love to recruit from within our community and are looking for new qualified childcare practitioners for both settings. If you have achieved a level 3 qualification in childcare then we’d love to hear from you! At Red Bus, we value all levels of experience and need wonderful people of all ages and backgrounds to help care for the children we look after. All we ask is that you’re keen to work in a fantastic team (and who isn’t?), enjoy lots of company perks such as free parking, your uniform provided and want to have fun all day. If this is ringing your bell and you want to jump on board our Red Bus, then please visit and find out more. Beep beep!! Red Bus Nursery & Pre School 2

Article 3 Did you know that a fantastic, outstanding Ofsted rated nursery is on your doorstep? With over 50 staff, Red Bus Nursery & Pre-School is one of the largest employers in BS9 and we seem to be the best kept secret too . We’re now working to change that and shout our achievements from the rooftops! We pride ourselves on being a local company and like to use other local businesses where possible and to encourage people into the community. Caring for over 100 children a day regularly brings families into Coombe Dingle where they can appreciate what a great place it is for raising little ones. Most of our staff live in the area and we are thrilled that we recruit local young people and work with them to progress into senior positions due to our unique management structure. Our training and development is second to none and we work hard to make sure all our employees achieve their career goals in Early Years and beyond. Located on Westbury Lane in beautiful, leafy Coombe Dingle, just a short drive from the Portway and the M4/M5 interchange, we have great access for people who travel a little further, but there are thousands of homes within walking distance of our fantastic nursery. Extensive and sympathetic renovations to our historic building has given our children and staff an innovative and dynamic space to spend their days and we like to think it enhances the area, whilst still being contemporary and functional. If you’re interested in pursuing a career with Red Bus, we have a couple of relaxed and informal Careers Events organised for November and would love you to come along to chat with us and have a look at our nursery.

Mike Davies
Author: Mike Davies