Whatever your view on leaving the European Union whether you were on the remain or leave side of the referendum none of us wanted to see our Country reduced to an international joke and the obvious harm it has done to our democratic institutions. Social media is full cartoons, videos and jokes around the Tory Governments handling of Brexit, but for many businesses and EU nationals it is no laughing matter. Judging the way this Government has dealt with the Windrush generation then I would not trust them to deliver fairness to others from overseas that call our Country home. Those who led the campaign for us to leave, had for many years before the referendum being calling for separation from Europe should have mapped out their vision of the way forward. Yet all we have heard from the Bill Cash’s of this world are what they don’t want, with no suggestion of how we get out of this impasse. Those who suggest a people’s vote are shouted down and told they are undemocratic for calling for a new vote due to the fact that we now have more information and that circumstances have changed.  Yet these are the very same people who have decades refused to accept the original 1975 European referendum which was won on a much bigger margin than the last one.

Now close to three years after the referendum in which we were told it would be easy to leave, that German and French manufacturers would be falling over themselves to get their Governments to agree a deal we are stuck in Parliamentary limbo.  There is now a very strong possibility that we will have to take part in the European elections and most parties are gearing up to fight those elections. Quite what the Tories and Labour will offer the voters is a mystery,(even to themselves), but the Liberal Democrats will stand at these elections as pro European party wanting us to remain in the EU and fight for Britain’s (and Bristol’s) interests. We say that a vote for us is a vote to have a fresh say over whether we want to leave or remain in a people’s vote.  These European elections will cost £110m and the newly elected MEPs may have the shorted term of office in history.  Brexit has certainly opened a pandoro’s box, a Country split almost in half, a dis-functional Parliament and an EU election with a flexible end date.  Is it any wonder that having created the biggest political mess in living memory the Tories are proposing to boycott the EU elections altogether, leaving others yet again to pick up the pieces of their flawed and ill thought out Brexit plan.

As Spike Milligan once said ”Parliament is the biggest political asylum in the Country.” After this mess I can see what he means.