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The next time politicians berate the public about domestic energy efficiency it’s worth noting that the Houses of Parliament spent a whopping £5.1m on gas and electricity last year.

Of that figure £4.46m was on electricity alone and in total comes in at just under £14,000 a day on energy expenditure.

Meanwhile, in stark contrast, the bill for all six of the Royal Palaces was a mere £1.6m, a quarter of the costs of the Houses of Parliament, thanks mainly to a 24% energy use reduction year on year.

The figures have been released by independent auto switching service Flipper, which helps thousands of UK consumers to find the very best value energy deals online.

The company’s managing director, Mark Gutteridge, said: “Using publicly-available sources we found that the Houses of Parliament burns through an energy bill of £5.1m last year – that’s close to £14,000 every day.

“This is at a time when political parties are pledging to take us to a net zero carbon economy including telling the electorate about the imperative to make our households more energy efficient.

“From what we have found the Houses of Parliament is actually on a pretty good tariff, paying just £0.0199/kWh for gas and £0.0927/kWh for electricity, which says to us that they clearly need to improve the energy efficiency of those buildings and do the basics like turn the lights off when they leave a room!”

Flipper also researched the Royal household’s energy costs and, somewhat surprisingly, found those to be comparatively less expensive.

“Compared to Parliament I think we should be saying hats – or crowns – off to the Queen,” said Mark Gutteridge, adding: “last year the bill for all six Royal Palaces was just £1.3m.

“Yes, that’s still a lot of money, however it’s about a quarter of what Parliament paid for its energy usage and to cap it all Her Majesty managed to cut energy usage in those properties by 24% year on year thanks to replacing boilers and rolling-out LED lighting across all her properties, so go Queen Elizabeth!”

To minimise your energy bills as winter starts to really bite, check all your lightbulbs, block any draughts and sign up to be a member of Flipper where you will have peace of mind that you are always on the very best-priced tariff.

Mike Davies
Author: Mike Davies