Cost effective local advertising for your business that really works..

We understand the importance of making the right impression.

Direct Local is a free community magazine that gets hand delivered to selected properties in the South Bristol, North Bristol, South Gloucestershire, and North Somerset areas.

Magazines are also distributed through selected retail outlets and other businesses throughout these areas, so your business can reach a targeted audience of 80,000 people, cost effectively, every month across four magazines.

High-quality advertising is a valuable tool that will introduce your business to new customers.

There is powerful evidence that truly local services are preferred by the majority of the population and it is well known that businesses which advertise on a regular basis have a higher return rate than those who only do so on a one-off basis.

Direct Local has been designed with staying power in mind.

The Power of local advertising

The power of good advertising cannot be under estimated!

Many small businesses can’t afford to advertise in large publications or newspapers but advertising in Direct Local is very cost effective!

We recommended a minimum 3 month campaign to build awareness of your business. The more people you reach with your advert the more your business becomes the first point of contact. For more information about our special offers and packages please click here.

As well as advertising, there are articles, business profiles, puzzles, competitions and community information. Because of its size, look and feel it will not be thrown away like a daily/weekly newspaper, but will be kept by the vast majority of households until the next issue arrives.

To find out more information regarding advertising options and costs please call us on 0117 325 8029 or email

We have had a phenomenal response from our
advert in Direct Local having over 15 responces
in the last 5 months that we have tracked using a
bespoke phone number This is due to their distribution
in key areas around South Bristol such as
Broadwalk Shopping centre and North St Bedminster.

Ron Harpley, A & L Builders

“Direct Local has been a fantastic advertising
platform for Cineworld Bristol and Yate and helped
raise awarness of our latest movies with their
well circulated monthly magazine. I am very impressed with the service we have
received from Direct Local. They offer a good price;
good service and we are reaching
the areas we need to with good responses. “

Matt , CineWorld

In the past I have not been a great believer of
advertising in magazines or local papers because
the price of the adverts have not been reasonable.
Also the only way I think it works is NOT to place an
ad on a one of basis, the only way it will work is if
it goes in for a long period of time to get the
credibility. So with this in mind it was great to see
that Direct Local could offer me a low cost way of
placing an advert long term. I will highly recommend
them for anyone who is looking for a very cost
efficient way of advertising with a great return.

Ian, CJ Computing

Have had this mag now for over 2 years and it is
done just right with local info and local traders
for our use and now it is getting which trusted
traders business in it too. Well done Mike.

Chris Beaumont , B.M.A.A